Activation and Retention Strategies

This article is constantly being updated and serves more of a sense of notes as I refine my research on acquisition strategy.

Three Acquisition Strategies

1. Delivering 1:1 Personalized Experiences

Customizing the user experience to be a one on one person experience. Based on the digital footprint we all leave when we browse, users can be targeted on things like ip (location), their browser history, and even more depending what access to data you have.

2. Cross-Channel User Strategy

This involves understanding your customer audience and reaching them across several different platforms.

3. Cross-Device Strategy

Keep contact across different kinds of devices.

When Does Activation Start?

Activation starts the minute someone sees your ads, offers, or messaging on other platforms before they even hit your site.

There are in fact several parts to the process. These include before a customer signs up, the overall user experience a customer experiences, and after sign up.

Part 1: Before actual signup

What we need to actually do is match up your customer activation with the ones of your customers (that delivers some value).

It takes several sessions over a period of the 14 to 21 to 30-day trial.

Part 2: User Experience

What is the first experience a customer has with the product? Making sure you don’t have any bottlenecks toward the actual activation.

Part 3: Post-Sign Up

Even after someone signs up, how do you keep them involved? Just because they signed up doesn’t mean they are going to actually stay involved. What reasons do you actually give them to come back?

One great way to keep users coming back is through automation. Sending reminders is a great way to reconnect with sign ups. It can take several uses before someone is actually “hooked’.

You need to give people reason to come back to your service to turn it from an idea into a habit.

Keeping Customers Engaged

There are several important steps toward getting customers engaged. Even after they’ve signed up for your platform, you want them to keep them engaged.

Step 1: Making sure to use messaging that introduces a reader to the end result they’ll get after signing up.

Step 2: The actions we drive to toward actually getting someone hooked,.

Step 3: The actions we take to get someone committed after signing up. How do we get the hooked in the process?

Types Of Active Users

We find three different types of active users that are “activated”.

New users are those use that are recent to the platform and you want to engage to repeat their visit more than once.

Repeat visitors are those that have visited more than once. These are those users that are habitually using the service and where we want to keep users.

Return visitors are those we want to reactivate and keep as repeat visitors. We can use reengagement and reminder strategies to reactivate these users.