Bring Users to the Aha Moment

The “aha moment” is the moment that customers see real value in what you are providing. Marketers bring customers to that “aha” moment in order to build investment in their services and at the same time reduce their customer churn rate. Think of that “aha” much like a mad scientist explaining EUREKA!

Steps Bring Customers To “Aha”

  1. Start with a clearly defined value proposition. Products should provide value and customers should easily understand what that is.
  2. Communicate early. Figure out what your products Aha moment is and make it happen early on in the experience to help improve conversion and lifetime value.
  3. The opposite to “Aha” is “Ouch”. This is when the value isn’t communicated. Make sure to constantly monitor any behavior, feedback, and what your customers are saying. Eliminate “ouch” processes whenever possible.
  4. Developing with a user focus. Keep in mind that what you provide is to bring value to the users. If you don’t keep them in mind as you design and develop you won’t probably be bringing them to the point of fully valuing the product.

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