Creating an End-to-End Growth Process

Once you’ve created your customer pipeline it doesn’t mean that it is finished! Managed the “end to end” process is a never ending series of process improvements.

The End to End Growth Process

We divide the process into three different steps: We start with a) Discovery b) Roadmap c) Growth Machine


The first step of the discovery phase is going through an overall analysis of the marketplace. That includes the value proposition, customer segmentation, competitor analysis, and current marketing performance.


The roadmap is the list of tasks and growth experiments created. This list is prioritized according to those tasks that provide the best chance at overall growth. At this level you’re doing a lot of testing to determine what the roadmap should be and what exactly can be scaled up.

Activities can include:
a) testing the validity of the value proposition.  
b) Running a click pay per click campaign to test success.

Growth Machine

This is the final stage in the process. Here is when we finally execute the list of growth roadmap items. After we’ve identified the list of priorities and where we need to move forward, we start executing.

Within this process, we need to continue to make sure that we run concise feedback loops. We need to make sure we have feedback for every process running. Feedback gives us valuable input as to what processes need improvement.

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