Optimizing brand campaign creation and reporting for Paid Social campaigns

Brand campaigns promote a focused effort that guides consumers towards a desired action. They also give brands identity, personality, and emotion. Making sure to set SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Using A/B Testing / Multivariate Tests for Bidding

The goal of multivariate testing is to determine which combination of variations performs the best out of all of the possible combinations. This can be done with tools such as Optimizely.

Working Cross Functionally With DIsplay Ad Teams

Working with a variety of cross functional team members means creating the highest possible quality ads. This means working with creative designers to get quality assets that drive performance.

Working directly with the engineering team to implement features to improve and automate channels.

Working with Data Engineering and Marketing Analytics

As its important to work cross functionally, I work with data teams to identify and solve technical issues. This lets me easily collaboratively build testing frameworks

Facebook, YouTube, SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

I managed plenty of campaigns on Facebook, getting hands on into the details to improve lead quality. YouTube also offers some dynamic target which I’ve used to generate leads.

Utilizing FMP / Facebook Marketing Partners

Experience with FMPs such as Smartly or Adphorus which is a tool that helps you create on brand creatives.

Using Dynamic Remarketing

The reason that I prefer utilizing tools such as dynamic re-marketing is the fact that you can scale ads easily as you scale your products and services. This lets you utilize your product feeds to scale ads that cover your entire inventory line.

Using Google Analytics and Looker / Tableau, SQL

The combination of SQL, Google Analytics, and Tableau are the perfect set of tools to analyze in a visual way whats going on. I utilize SQL exports to analyze the data within Tableau.

Display Marketing Skills