Top Examples of My CRM Email Marketing Campaigns

Through the implementation of personalized campaigns, tailored follow-ups, push alerts, and targeted email strategies, I have successfully increased customer engagement, acquisition, and retention

Boosting Customer Revisits through Personalized Campaigns
I once had a client struggling to retain customers on their online platform. By implementing personalized email marketing campaigns, I managed to increase the number of customers revisiting their checkout carts by 40%. This involved automating alerts based on the customers’ cart contents and demographic information, followed by sending reminders that effectively increased engagement.

Referral Growth through Tailored Follow-ups
A client’s customer rewards program was underperforming, so I revamped the email content and format, segmented the delivery based on customer behavior, and included each customer’s referral code within the emails. Additionally, I emphasized the benefits of referrals and conducted follow-up surveys to gauge progress. This approach increased referrals by over 60%, resulting in a net gain despite increased code usage.

Enhancing App Engagement with Push Alerts
When I noticed that users of an app I developed weren’t logging in, I implemented push alerts to drive engagement. By testing different value-focused messages and targeting users based on their last login, I increased engagement by 30%.

Expanding Client Acquisition through Email Campaigns
A charity client wanted to improve engagement, so I segmented users based on their engagement stage and devised tailored re-engagement emails. This strategy increased client acquisition by 20% through personalized email campaigns.

Rekindling Customer Interest through Re-marketing
To help a client boost repeat business, I designed a re-marketing campaign offering targeted promotions based on previous customers’ service usage. This approach led to a 25% increase in customer re-engagement.

Three-Phase Email Lifecycle Program for Holistic Engagement
I employed a three-phase lifecycle program for email marketing campaigns targeting new potential customers, existing customers, and lapsed customers. By addressing the unique needs of each group with tailored content and strategies, I effectively engage customers at every stage of their journey, ensuring a positive experience and fostering long-term relationships.

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