These are a few of the cases I’ve been apart of that had a positive impact on the client’s bottom line.

  • Personalizing campaigns led to 40% of customers revisiting
  • Increase of referrals 60% through personalized follow ups
  • Increased engagement 30% through push alerts
  • Increased client acquisition 20% through email campaigns
  • Engaged customer signups 25% through re-marketing
  • Developed a program targeting new, repeat, and lapsed customers

Tools I used to create these results?
SQL to analyze tables to manage email campaigns
Tableau for data visualization
Autopilot for automation and segmentation

CRM Email Marketing

Personalize email marketing campaigns

Result: 40% of customers revisiting their checkout cart
I had a client that wasn’t engaging their customers. I created an automated alert that triggered an email based on what was in their cart and demographic information. By sending up follow up email reminders, it increased engagement and led to an increase of 40% more customers coming back to purchase the items they had added in their cart.

Personalize follow up messages

Result: Increased referrals by over 60%
I needed to improve a customer rewards program. The overall goal was to make current customers aware of the newly created rewards / incentive program.

  1. The first thing I did was retool the content and format of the emails.
  2. I segmented email delivery based on current customer behavior. This meant differentiated between overall usage.
  3. I included every customers referral code within the email to make it easier to start referring.
  4. I stressed the benefit of referring their friends.
  5. Lastly I made sure to follow up and engage users via a survey to see their overall progress.

The result was an increase of referrals by over 60% leading to a positive increase on returns despite the increase in spend due to code usage.

Create Push Alert Campaigns

Result: Increased engagement 30%
For an app I developed, I needed to increase engagement rates. I noticed quite a few users hadn’t logged in and wanted to push them toward a great way to further engage customers was through push alerts. I would push messages according to how long it had been since a user had last logged in

How I increased push alert effectiveness? I used messaging that stressed the value proposition the app provided. I tested various messages until I found a pattern that indicated stronger engagement.

In the end, at least 30% of those with the app on their smart phone were incentivized by the messaging.

Push customer acquisition through email messaging

Result: Increased client acquisition 20% through email campaigns
Client for a charity that wanted to understand why engagement was down. Looked into how they were engaging and the personalization they involved. Went through and segmented users based on their stage in the process and as well, made sure they were sending out proper re-engagement emails.

Target previous customers to encourage repeat usage

Result: Engaged customer signups 25% through re-marketing
Client wanted to increase revisits from previous clients. I setup a campaign targeting previous customers offering them a targeted promotion. We linked information we had regarding services they had uses before and offered custom promo code that targeted previous services. This worked and saw an uptick in customer reengagement but at least 25%.

Creating an Email Lifecycle Program

In any email marketing campaign, I use thee three parts to a lifecycle program as a broader segment for engagement including: potential, customers, late stage.

New Potential Customers

The first step was  connecting with those new customers, those that were a new subscriber, first time purchaser, cart abandonment, etc.

Tasks: Have a warm and friendly welcome email triggered. Make sure an abandonment email is sent out if the customer had any products they didn’t buy.

 Findings: Providing the most optimal experience was necessary to keep customers engaged. Did the customer have a great experience the first time? It took more than the initial email to engage customers and keep them engaged. I also had to reduce any onsite friction points as well that may have led to cart abandonment, or non purchase. Not every customer will move into repeat customer phase, but engaging those new customers was key in moving many customers to that stage.

New / Existing Customers

I sent emails such as asked for feedback, cross sold based on related purchases, and ran special codes letting them know how important they are.

Tasks: Trigger a first time buyer email, up sell similar services / products, send out surveys for feedback.

Findings: Existing customers that aligned with the product liked updates but had to be careful about sending too many updates. At the same time, segmenting different customers out by their user type

Lapsed Customers / Late Stage

Reached out to those customers that were not engaging. Proposed an enticing value proposition, used codes, and alerted about new features.

Tasks: Win-back emails triggered to remind customers wha you offer and maybe why they used you the first time, timely reminders triggered for renewals

Findings: While codes were effective at bringing customers back, it often led to customers only coming for the codes. That information did allow me to create a persona based on that information.