Getting Past The First Job Interview / Date

In so many ways, job interviewing is like dating. You’ve seen the profile, which while it paints a great picture of the company, you don’t get the complete picture. As well, the company has seen your profile, which lets face it, is also a rosy picture, but they as well want to see behind the curtain.

Making a Good First Job Date Impression

Since I have a LinkedIn pro subscription, I utilize the online learning to improve my interviewing skills. One video with good insight was one by Jodi Glickman. Her advice? Lead with your destination, talk about your transferable skills, and wrap it up with how that connects to your future destination.

Leading the Interview With Your Destination

She suggests that one someone asks you, “Tell me about yourself” that rather than telling your whole life story you focus on the destination.

Her recommended steps are:
1. Start with where are you trying to go and how will this job help you get there. What are you trying to do?
2. Talk about your related skills connected to the job.
3. End with a connection back to the start.

My Pitch
I’ve had success managed ad campaigns of 10k and more and while I’ve done everything from website design paid outreach. I really want to continue working in strategy, specially paid marketing campaigns across digital platforms. At the same time work in a creative environment as while I think logically I have a strong creative side as well.

My Story
During my career, I’ve worked across multiple channels from paid marketing, SEO, web, content, and even email marketing. As an entrepreneur I’m used to wearing multiple “hats”. I’ve used analytical software to gauge and improve my results using Google Analytics, Hubspot. At the same time I’ve probably produced over a hundred landing pages, improving my acquisition numbers through A/B testing. I’ve been highly focused on using agile processes to improve my cross functional communication.

My Finale
Finally this role will really help me get to where I want to be, working with a team developing ads, testing them, and working with a company that makes collaboration and creation possible. Enjoy working with multiple channels and the company will help me work toward that passion.

Tying It All Together

If you really want to convince someone you are the right fit, you have to be convinced yourself as well. Your goals really need to align with the position. For the right fit to exist they have to see how you’re going to bring them where they want to be, and how they are going to bring you where you want to bit. Those two pieces aligned help make a more convincing argument why you should move forward.