Hostel Digital Marketing Strategy

Each company has its own challenges. One of the main things I try to accomplish is making sure that the strategy makes sense as well as the site branding. Creating a digital marketing strategy for a hostel means understanding the kind of environment it offers guests. It means developing the “feeling” that someone visiting the main page should getabout that particular hostel. Are they artistic? Serious? Friendly?


This hotel / hostel wasn’t ranking for the keywords it wanted. It needed a redesign and keyword analysis to determine the best way forward.


  1. Redesign the site to reflect the personality of the hostel and increase the sign up rate.
  2. Linked to an article in Curbed which featured the hotel.
  3. Provide images on the main page.
  4. Provided a direct link to the booking page, rather than an intermediate link as had been the case before.
  5. Redesigned internal pages for better navigation.
  6. 301 redirected pages from to
  7. Content revised to focus on relevant keywords
  8. Competitive situation analyzed and used as part of the overall strategy.


  1. Improved keyword ranking.
  2. Improved signup rate.
  3. Overall hostel image improved in customer reviews.
  4. More guests on average as a result of all changes.