How To Score Leads? Lead Scoring Techniques

Sure you might have implemented the acquisition techniques we’ve featured here in order to gain new leads. The question however is, how do we score those leads?

Types of Lead Scoring

Demographic Information
This type of information includes everything from location, age, whether or not the customer is a parent, family size, and other personal qualifying information. Where they fit in relation to your target can affect scoring.

Company Information
If you are looking for b2b clients, this can involve personal information about the company. Size of the company, as well as industry, and things like number of years in business.

How a lead interacts with your website can you tell you a lot about their potential as a customer. Whether they’ve visited a pricing page, looked at a certain number of pages, and even logged in to a page can be vital scoring data.

Email Engagement
This type of lead scoring involves scoring based on factors like how often a customer has visited the website or how often the read the emails you send. Customers who are more involved with emails, are often more engaged as a customer.

Social Engagement
Are users engaging with your social media? A higher score can be awarded the more a user participates in the overall scoring process.

Potential Spam
There are plenty of signups that can occur that are simply spam. Scoring these and eventually removing them is important.

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