Lifestyle Marketing Lead Generation

Part of lifestyle marketing is generating leads, leads that are actually qualified and eventually qualified enough to send to sales. A big part of lead generating is nurturing your leads, qualifying them through lead scoring so you can spend more time working on leads that have a higher chance of success.

It turns out that lead generation may in fact lead to a higher un-subscription rate. Why? You may actually be un-qualifying leads which can lead to higher unsubscribe rates. So while it may seem counterintuitive in the long run you’re actually creating a better list of leads to follow up with.

Qualifying and Educating Your Leads

Once you’ve got the initial interest, you spread out your communications to keep potential leads engaged throughout the month. Rather than just targeting immediately, you can actually save sales time and effort by educating and qualifying leads over time.

Why spend all this time nurturing a lead? People often need information before committing to a platform or service.

Lead Generation Steps

  1. Set the goal – Audience, content, and success metrics.
  2. Selecting a Persona – What are you trying to solve? This is similar to the process I even go towards creating a startup. I give the lead a name, a job, responsibilities, and hobbies.
  3. Providing Value – Rather than stating that you have the best product ever, use examples to help such as videos, webinars, ebooks, blog posts, and white papers.
  4. Creating a Timeline – Rushing the sale won’t help. If for instance your sales cycle runs 30 days, you can spread your emails out over the period.
  5. Email Lead Nurturing – Some examples include: Education email content, promotional, best practices, demo email. Make sure to include a call to action with every email sent.
    1. Organizations can calculate CTR either by dividing unique clicks by the number of emails delivered, or by dividing total clicks – including multiple clicks by the same recipient – by the number of emails delivered. Either method works, as long as you use the same approach consistently.

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