Professional Scrum Product Owner Exam Preparation Tips

I passed the PSPO I, Professional Scrum Product Owner exam and wanted to share my preparation techniques with others. Taking the test is not difficult if you know the material well. That means reading resources like the official Scrum handbook until you fully know and understand all of the information in it.

Tests to prepare: take the PSPO and Scrum Open Assessment until you get 100% on them quickly. The test is somewhat randomized and very similar questions do appear on the exam.

Additional Practice Exam

Another good practice test is available online and has two modes, practice and real mode. Practice mode will explain the correct answer and why it’s the right answer. Make sure to take that exam a few times.

Official Scrum Resources

Here are additional resources by their focus area. Make sure to read these resources in order to get a better idea in how to pass the exam. Each of these topics will be covered on the scrum product owner exam. Make sure you reach the various articles from each topic.

Leadership Styles

Self-Organizing Teams






Product Backlog Management

Product Value

Stakeholders & Customers

Business Strategy

Forecasting & Release Planning

Product Vision