Entrepreneurship Vice President

As the vice president of the entrepreneurship club at ESMT Berlin, one of my tasks was to bring in speakers as well as drive club engagement.

Bringing in a Speaker

One initiative I was proud of was bringing in the founder of Berlin Startup School to speak and do a training session. He wanted to charge us 300 euros to come and give a lecure but I managed to convince him that it would be a good networking opportunity and so was able to convince him to come for free. It ended up being a hit at the school and its likely he will do further entrepreneurship sessions. I still stay in contact with Tino.

Creating a Brand New Event

Another initiative as Vice President I started was the Share your Fail experience. This allowed students who had perviously failed at a business venture to share what went wrong so that we could learn from it. At the same time it was almost a form of therapy for those presenting.


Skeba Digital Corp Founder and Hiring Manager

As the founder of Skeba Digital Corp I not only hired employees, but managed them. As well I convinced companies to use me as their source of marketing.

When Hiring Employees

I always had potential employees follow specific instructions in order to submit their application.. That let me immediately reduce the number of resumes I had to look at, those that didn’t follow the easy instructions wouldn’t make it forward.

In an employee (for a content writer position) I looked for someone with good communication and writing skills as well as open to feedback. I never expect someone to be perfect on day one. What I do expect is that someone is open to feedback and willing to use that to improve going forward.

Working With Clients

Getting new clients on board involved not only showing them the work, but also the care that I put into each client. I always make sure to go above and beyond, one reason why I do have clients who would refer me for more work. While some firms were more focused on numbers, I wanted to be as clear as possible, making sure that I was able to provide what they needed.

I’ve always believed that by being open and honest with customers as well as going the extra mile is a great way to build a positive reputation. While some companies focus on numbers and revenue, while important, giving the client a positive experience is equally important.

80% of clients returned for more work after engaging them. A good majority referred me as well to other potential customers.


CostBrain Co-Founder and Product Development

CostBrain was created through a grant from the iCorps program. Through this experience I went through the entire process of build a company from just an idea.

Guide Customers to Their Pains and Gains

When developing research for this project one of the most important tips we learned through the iCorps program was not to assume their pains and gains or to just try to validate what we thought it was. The main point was to listen to the customer and try to ask questions to get at exactly what problems they were facing.

I had to lead the conversation in ways that stayed on topic and poke deeper into their real problems. Often times I discovered that through the right questions they would often uncover problems they didn’t realize existed.

One example of a customer realizing their problem is a restaurant that admitted that they hadn’t updated their pricing in over 2 years and really weren’t sure what their margins were.