Understanding Ad Networks: DMP vs DSP

Let’s start out with the difference between a Data Management Platform (DMP) and a Demand Side Platform (DSP) in the advertising world.

DSP : A real-time bidding system. Put simply, a DSP serves as a two sided platform, connecting media buyers and publishers. This allows the exchange between buying and selling ad inventory.

DMP: This is a data collection system. Data about users is collecting, analyzed and managed in full by the DMP. They store data from 1st to 3rd parties. The point of a DMP is giving a full overall view of your customers. These work directly with DSP networks to help you target the exact networks you want to reach.

Top DSP Networks

According to ClockWork an advertising agency, these are the top 10 demand side platforms:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Rocket Fuel
  • MediaMath
  • Amazon (AAP)
  • DoubleClick
  • LiveRamp
  • Choozle
  • TubeMogul
  • BrightRoll
  • AppNexus