Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Customer Strategies

Enhancing business revenue can come from taking advantage of recommending additional products.

B2B cross-sell and up-sell can be improved by incorporating data like:

  • Which features are being used
  • Whether their subscription is up for renewal
  • How many new users have they added
  • When there is a role change, such as a new product champion

 By embedding triggers at any event along the journey, you can activate engagement (such as an email send) to your target customer group within a specific event—customers who converted, those who moved forward or even those who dropped out at a particular point in their journey.

Other Ways to Convince Upselling

  • Showing your most reviewed products
  • Showing your most sold products so they can see products that are most popular
  • Relevant to products being sold. Amazon even does this on their listing with their frequently bought together section:

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