What KPIs Are Important For Digital Marketing?

Anyone who works in digital marketing uses KPIs, also known as key performance indicators. Put simply, a KPI helps you indicate whether you are achieving a desired objective. KPIs are great at helping you track whether or not you are reaching your designated goals and are still on the right path.

Important KPIS For Running Campaigns

  1. Conversion Rate: This is basically how many people performed a certain task. Examples include how many made a purchase, how many downloaded a pdf or how many signed up for a newsletter. Conversion Rate = Conversions / Total Clicks
  2. E-commerce Conversion Rate: This measures how many visitors are marking a purchase on your website. E-commerce CR = (transactions / visits)
  3. Return On Ad Spend: How much you are spending in advertising to how much you are earning in sales. ROAS = (Total Revenue / Total Spend)
  4. Retention Rate: How long are customers staying with your site vs dropping off? Retention Rate = ((Ending Customers – New Customers)/Starting Customers)) X 100
  5. Pages Per Visit: Use an analytics tool to measure how many pages customers visited during their visits on average.
  6. Engagement Rate: Often used within social media channels, this is a metric showing how many people are actively engaged with your posts including sharing such as likes, clicks, and more.