Who or What Is Teespring?

As someone who loves to design, Teespring is a great place to share your designs and profit on them. The company lets you take a design, create a store, and sell your artwork on over 50+ print-on-demand products. You can instantly customize these items right within the Teespring Launcher.

Their process is quite simple. Create your own design and choose how you want it to be displayed. If you already have your own products, you can as well send in existing inventory, sell products, and profit.

Teespring Vs Redbubble

Redbubble is focused more on users who just want to create graphics and use a company that will print them out for you with you setting your own price and taking a cut out of that.

Teespring seems to have a larger variety of products to print on. Another difference in their service is their dynamic pricing model. It changes based on the orders, so that means more orders can mean less cost per item.

The main difference between the two services is the fact that Teespring seems to offer additional services such as fulfillment, and can take care of the shipping part of the process even if you’ve already sourced your own stuff.

Teespring Path To Growth

Ever since the company reach profitability last year, they’ve been on a trend of rapid growth. They launched Teespring Go, tafulfillment service. As well they’ved added new product additions including fully-branded online stores — which alsows for customized URLs, storefronts, and packaging — and anther new service called Teespring Go, which provides sourcing, fulfillment, and customer service support for other products.  

Teespring Go launched in November 2018 and opened up the ability for users to source their own products and sell them through the platform. It allows the user to sell an unlimited product range. 

Teespring grew a total of 76% this year, a 3x jump in growth over the last 12 months. As well Teespring created its #LoveYourLocal campaign which is meant to help small struggling businesses. If you head over to that campaign you’ll see that this service is “100% free to set up and sell, create merchandise and enable your community to support your business during this challenging time.”

Teespring Merch Shelf

Another reason for the large upswing in growth is the partnerships that Teespring has been able to forge. One great example of this is the Merch Shelf, a service that works directly with YouTube and requires certain eligibility to be met before being able to sign up with the service.

Eligibility requires:

Being a member of the  YouTube Partner Program

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