Nicholas Skeba
Digital Marketing Expert

An Entrepreneur that uses Agile methodology.

A coder, designer, and out of the box thinker.

Speaks English, Spanish, and German.
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About Nick

Internet marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in the digital space.


  • Founded and led a company
  • MBA Degree
  • Front End Developer
  • Speaks English, German, and Spanish
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Coder in HTML5, Javascript, SQL


Web Analytics
Adobe Design Tools
Scrum / Agile Management


Master of Business Administration

ESMT Berlin
One Year MBA With a a Focus on Digital Data and Entrepreneurship

Management Behavioral Science Program

Yale School of Management
Study on how to approach complex situations, behavioral economics, behavioral finance, consumer behavior, negotiation and other relevant managerial situations.

Front End Web Development Certification

General Assembly
10 Week Course designed around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through hands-on projects and real-world scenarios.

Bachelor of Arts Business Administration

Western Michigan University
Major in Marketing with a Minor in German


President / Digital Marketing and Analytics

Skeba Digital Corp
•Analyze digital marketing campaigns and web analytics
•Manage of team of three employees towards the content of website content
•Develop ad campaigns and create new targeted keyword campaigns using Google AdWords
•Manage database tables through MySQL and improve server response time

Strategy Consultant and Product Development

DiscoEat Berlin
•Improve customer retention and usage
•Analyze customer feedback to provide solutions
•Report to the CEO and Company Shareholders
•Create a new product focusing on customer retention
•Project leader of a team of 5 consultants

Founder and Software Product Manager

CostBrain LLC
•Created through a grant from the National Science Foundation I Corps Program
•Managed marketing campaigns including online and direct to mail advertising
•Helped design product flow of the restaurant software
•Product management of the software features and design
•Created a fully functional software in use by restaurants worldwide

Marketing and Analytics Consultant

The Law Office of Scott M Aaronson
•Managed keyword strategy for the law firm of Scott M Aaronson
•Controlled firm’s ad spend and marketing campaign
•Used Google Analytics to monitor marketing effectiveness and return on spend
•Provided website design and managed firm’s server database


Q/A About Nick

Find out more about my experiences:

Why Did You Decide To Study In Germany For Your MBA?

My minor in college was in German and in 2006 I studied abroad in Germany. I enjoyed the experience and wanted the chance to learn business in Germany and have a chance to explore how business is done in Europe.

How Do You Effectively Lead Teams?

I prefer a flat approach in which my team feels comfortable to share anything that might be going wrong. The most important thing is to discover anything wrong with the team dynamocs as soon as possible. This only happens when the team trusts to share information without fear. I integrate tools such as asana into daily team interactions to make sure everyone is up to date to what is going on. I also have weekly meetings to discuss what we could be doing better.