About Me

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and have lived in Germany and Argentina which has helped me become conversational in German and Spanish.

Tennis, 3d Printing, Wood Working, Music Production, Art & Design

I’ve traveled all throughout Europe, South America, China, Japan, Australia.


What type of people do I work with most effectively?

Someone who is not afraid to voice their opinion. Colleagues that are creative and willing to brainstorm. Those that are confident in what they do.

How Do I Resolve Personality Conflicts?

I try to resolve my differences with that person. Rather than focusing on the negative, I try to find something that I could admire about that person and and focus on that instead.

How Do I Delegate Tasks As a Manager?

I make sure to know the strengths and weaknesses of those working for me. When I assign projects, I make sure that they will challenge them, but won’t defeat them.

How Do I Solve Problems?

I try to understand the causes of the problem. I make sure to devote time researching exactly what went wrong. I often act like an investigator, determining all root causes of the problem and once I fully understand the situation, I devise a roadmap to prevent the problem in the future. As well, I make sure to document root causes to foster information sharing.